20 Simple Ways To Attract New Customers Starting Today!

20 Simple Ways To Attract New Customers Starting Today!

20 Simple Ways To Attract New Customers Starting Today!

1. Identify Your Best Customers and where they’re coming from.

2. Build an Email List of Prospects.

3. Build an Email List of Your Current Customers.

4. Build an Email List of Past Customers.

5. Attend Online Industry tradeshows.

6. Attend In-Person Tradeshows.

7. Participate in Local Events (local businesses).

8. Issue Omni-Channel Media Releases (press, blogs, podcasts, slideshares, video)

9. Create an eMagazine that provides Advice.

10. Create content that positions you as the expert in your field.

11. Create an Online Press Kit that highlights news about your company and send to customers and prospects.

12. Send personalized Direct Mail to existing customers and education them or offer them something special.

13. Post educational, humerous and fun posts mixed with behind the scenes images and videos to all of your social profiles.

14. Post to your GMB (now GBP) page.

15. Allocate funds for consistent adervtising.

16. Create videos that educate and inform your target customers.

17. Write articles for local publications and publications in your industry and obtain reprint rights so that you can send them to or link your customers and prospects to.

18. Display customer reviews on your website in away that allows visitors to scroll through them so they don’t have to leave your website to view them (include a Call To Action link or call).

19. Conduct surveys and polls to gather insights into what people are looking for and to uncover problems they need solving.

20. Find opportunities to become a featured guest on relevant podcasts.

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